Job Opening: Music Director-Worship Leader

Job Opening: Music Director-Worship Leader

Position Responsibilities Overview for Interested Candidates

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Mission: To develop new and maturing followers of Jesus Christ
Vision: The transformation of the Adrian Community
Purpose: To share God’s love with all persons in the Adrian community

Primary Objectives of the Position

  1. Build up and equip persons to lead and serve (Eph. 4:12), especially in the areas of music and worship
  2. Administer, oversee, and develop the church’s music ministry
  3. Provide weekly musical leadership at Sunday worship

Areas of Responsibility and Oversight

  1. Leadership development
  2. Music and worship leadership

Necessary Qualities of Employee

  1. Must have an active personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  2. Must be currently active in a local church
  3. Commitment to our mission of developing new and maturing followers of Jesus Christ
  4. Works out of an articulated philosophy and/or theology of worship and music
  5. Knowledge and love of the style of music our unique mission field will like
  6. Commitment to both contemporary and traditional musical styles
  7. Works well as part of a team of leaders, and can lead and develop teams
  8. Demonstrable commitment to being servant leader under the guidance and supervision of the Lead Pastor
  9. Desired/Helpful spiritual gifts might include:
    • Leadership
    • Faith
    • Administration
    • Teaching

Required MUSIC Skills and Experience

  1. Demonstrable proficiency playing a lead musical instrument, preferably piano
  2. Has effectively led a worship musical ensemble/band
  3. A lead singing voice (not necessarily a soloist voice)
  4. Conversant with secular and Christian musical trends and styles, and in favor of using a variety of current and earlier contemporary Christian and popular spiritual music during the worship service
  5. Able to work off of lead sheets and sheet music
  6. Capable of arranging music for different instruments and musical styles
  7. Able to play in a variety of keys (being able to transpose on the spot is not necessary)
  8. Able to arrange congregational songs to that they are easily singable

Related Necessary or Helpful Skills and Attributes

  1. Possess a working knowledge and understanding of digital sound boards and sound systems
  2. Effectively lead musical rehearsals with a commitment to excellence (not perfection) and grace
  3. Comfortable speaking and “performing” in public
  4. Ability to show sincere enthusiasm as a worship leader
  5. Able to recruit volunteer musicians and build a team from within and outside of the congregation
  6. Commitment to connecting with the Adrian community-at-large in order to be a bridge between the church and the surrounding culture
  7. Organized
  8. Good interpersonal communications skills
  9. Able to effectively manage a ministry area

Job Responsibilities Overview

Leadership Development
  • Build teams and disciple leaders who will oversee different aspects of area of music ministry
  • Recruit and train worship leaders
  • Recruit volunteer musicians from within the congregation and reaching out into the community to use the gifts of those outside of the church (band members, special music soloists, etc.)
Music and Worship Leadership
  • Weekly lead some of the congregational singing, either with a band or accompanying them yourself from the piano
  • Weekly lead the congregation in other worship elements including prayer, singing, and worship transitions
  • Lead weekly rehearsals of the worship band
  • Work with the audio/visual technicians for proper sound and projection during worship
  • As asked, provide musical leadership for other church-related events
  • Oversee and administer the entire music ministry area, including:
    • setting the calendar
    • setting budgets
    • providing bulletin information to the church office each week
    • staying connected with other music leaders
    • evaluations
  • Develop other musical ensembles as the Spirit moves (children’s choir, bell choir, youth choir, youth band, etc.)
  • Plan music several weeks ahead, working with the worship themes developed by the Worship Design Team
  • Disseminate music and information to musicians with enough time to prepare well
  • Make sure that all projection needs (song lyrics, etc.) are ready for Sunday
  • Oversee any set-up and tear-down of equipment as is necessary
  • Practicing, musical arranging as necessary
  • Communications/emails
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings if available
  • Active participation on the Worship Design Team
  • Contribute to the Tidings as necessary
  • Set goals and strategies for accomplishing the mission of the church through music and worship
  • Attend yearly continuing education

Other Important Information

Reporting Relationship: Reports to the Lead Pastor

Experience and Education: Candidate must have actual experience and be able to document effective worship leadership, both in leading a band and leading the congregation. There is no minimum educational requirement.

Hours: 20 hours/week

Benefits: Continuing education

Compensation: $19,000 – 21,000, depending upon experience, skill, and knowledge

To apply or Inquire: Please email your resume with references and a cover letter to Use the cover letter (do not worry about length) to explain your ‘call’ to music ministry, your experiences, as well a something about your own faith.

PDF of this overview