“Well-Being” Gathering

“Well-Being” Gathering

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Feeling the ‘Christmas Blues’?

Christmastide can be an especially challenging time for people who are experiencing matters of grief, sadness, loss, illness, and the like. For some, this will the first Christmas without their dearly loved one. For others, it may not be the first Christmas without them, but the sadness of their being gone is acutely present. Some folks are struggling with illness, maybe even a terminal illness, and the thought of this being their last Christmas could be difficult.

Whatever the reasons may be, if you think you might be blessed by participating in a brief time of healing prayer and worship this Advent season, then you (and anyone else you know who’s facing a challenging time) are invited to attend the “Well-Being” Gatherings at church on Thursday, December 21 at 4pm. Pastor Drew will be leading.


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