Next Steps

Next Steps

So, What’s Next?

Everyone has a next step. Whether you’re asking those foundational questions (Is there a God? If so, how can I know him?), or just getting started on your spiritual adventure, or you’ve been a Christian for many years, we all have a next step. And that’s because discipleship is a life-long adventure.

We’re working hard to help you figure out what might next for you. Because we’re not all in the same place spiritually, our goal is to offer a variety of classes and groups which best fit where you are now as well as where you’re going.

Below are general areas of church life, each of which has different offerings for you.

Become a Member

Years ago a certain credit card company tried to appeal to a particular socio-economic group of people with the slogan, “Membership has its privileges.” Joining their exclusive club set you apart from everyone else, and it came with privileges that only members enjoyed. Well, it’s different here. A lot different. Membership at First United Methodist…