NextGen Ministries

NextGen Ministries

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What We Are About

We want to partner with you and your family! We believe with the family and the church working together we can…

Embrace preschoolers so they have a better shot at believing in the God who embraces them.

Engage elementary-aged kids so they have a better shot at trusting in the God who engaged with them first.

Affirm middle schoolers so they are more likely to follow the God who likes and affirms them just the way they are.

Mobilize high schoolers so they can know the God who wants to mobilize them in the world with a mission and a purpose.

We do this by pointing everything we do towards Small Groups. Why Small Groups? Because we believe this is where your kid or student will grow the most in their relationship with Christ and others by putting them in a safe environment with other adult influences and peers their age.