Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to develop new and maturing followers of Jesus Christ.

As a church, we do many things – worship, serve at food kitchens, give toys to children of prisoners at Christmas, teach Sunday school. But in the end, everything we do has the ultimate goal of helping people come to faith in Jesus Christ and follow him. We call this ‘discipleship,’ and we believe that discipleship is a life-long process.

Living into our mission of followers of Jesus Christ is one step in helping us fulfill our vision…

Our Vision

We envision the transformation of the Adrian community.

Working our mission of developing of followers of Jesus Christ will result in a transformed community. We envision a community that transformed by God’s love and grace. We see a city that is a better place to live one year from now than it is today on account of the work we do out in the community.

And through all we do, we are clear about our bottom-line purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to share God’s love with all persons in the Adrian Community.

What’s the reason God created his Church in the first place? We believe he made the church – the body of Christ in this world – so that every person might experience his love. Even the person who never professes faith in Christ can experience love. And we want to be those agents of love and grace in our community.