Funeral & Memorial Ministry

Funeral & Memorial Ministry

Our church is a place where anyone in the community can have a funeral or memorial service. Even if you are not a member here, or anywhere, if one of our pastor’s is available, our doors are open to you.

If you would like to use our church for a funeral or memorial service, please contact the church office (517-265-5689) to inquire about the availability of our sanctuary (and Fellowship Hall if you want a luncheon afterwards. See below for more information).

After inquiring about a date, one of our pastors will be in contact with you about officiating at the service. Further details will be worked out with the officiating pastor.

Costs associated with funeral services and memorials services:

  • Clergy: none; honorarium if you desire
  • Organist: $100

Funeral Meals

Anyone who desires it may use our Fellowship Hall for a meal following a funeral or memorial service, even if you are not a church member. Our fellowship hall can accommodate both small and very large groups. You may make arrangements for a full meal or just appetizers.

If you would like to have a meal here after a service, please contact the church office (517-265-5689). Generally, the people in our congregation will provide side dishes at no cost to families. We will also provide the workers to prepare, serve, and clean up. After calling the office, someone will be in contact with you to talk about details. They generally will want to know the following information:

  • Date and time
  • How many to expect
  • What type of meal you desire

Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden is a beautiful place to inter your loved one’s cremains. The use of the Garden is not limited to church members.

If you would like to inquire further about the use of our Memorial Garden, please contact the church office (517-265-5689).

Suggested costs associated with the interment in the Memorial Garden:

  • $100 for members and immediate family of First United Methodist
  • $200 for extended family of church members
  • $300 for non-members.
  • optional: around $150 for a bronze plaque placed on the wall with the name and birth/death dates.

Memorial Garden Q & A:

  1. Will a marker identify persons whose ashes have been interred?
    The ground is not marked as to the location of the interment. However, for those who wish, there will be an 8 by 2 inch bronze plaque inscribed with the name of the deceased, year of birth and year of death. Each plaque will be affixed to a bronze background on the church wall. A detailed permanent record will be kept in the Memorial Book as well.
  2. Can arrangements be made in advance of need?
    Yes. Persons who wish to indicate their preference for future interment in the Memorial Garden may fill out an agreement form in the church office.
  3. What is the manner of interment?
    Interred ashes are mingled with the soil; no containers are used. Ashes are buried at a depth of about 18 inches.
  4. What do the costs/donations cover?
    All donations received are used in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the Memorial Garden.