Connecting with God

Resources for Your Personal Spiritual Growth Maturing in our faith is the call of every Christian. And at some point, it requires us to take matters into our own hands and intentionally “carry out our own salvation” (Philippians 2:12). So to help you grow in your faith walk, we’ve provided many resources which you can utilize on your own. Please use the comment section to make us aware of resources you think we should include on this page.

Adult Ministries

Ministries for Adults We have a long and strong commitment to helping you grow in your Christian faith. Because we recognize that people are in different places along the “spiritual spectrum,” we’re working on increasing our offerings in order to help you keep moving forward. Currently, we offer the following ministry opportunities for adults.

Become a Member

Years ago a certain credit card company tried to appeal to a particular socio-economic group of people with the slogan, “Membership has its privileges.” Joining their exclusive club set you apart from everyone else, and it came with privileges that only members enjoyed. Well, it’s different here. A lot different. Membership at First United Methodist Church doesn’t come with privileges. And it certainly doesn’t set you in a class ‘above’ or ‘apart’ from everyone else. If anything, membership here comes…