2018 Meals on Wheels

2018 Meals on Wheels

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Drivers Needed for Meals On Wheels

Our congregation will be covering Meals on Wheels routes for a two week period, January 15-26.

Route information and meal-delivery schedule/sign-up are available in the church office. Call the church office (265-5689) or email (adrianfumc@adrianfumc.org) to sign up or get more information.  We have 76 routes to fill!  Please consider covering a route or two to help the elderly in our community stay independent and live with dignity.

ROUTE DESCRIPTIONS (revised 12/17)

Route A: West Adrian & SW Adrian
Includes Knob Hill Apts; Carriage House Apts; Sand Creek Apts and a few misc.

Route B: West Adrian & Airport Section
Includes Brookside Apts; Maplewoods Home Park; Baldwin Hwy., and Airport Subdivision

Route C: West Adrian & NW Adrian
Includes Adrian High School area, Maple Ave; McKenzie St., and Rolling Meadows Subdivision

Route D: NW Adrian & North Adrian
Includes Bent Oak Hwy; North Hills Subdivision; Baker Estates, and Wolf Creek Hwy.

Route E: South Adrian
Includes Hidden River South, Southgate Trailer Park; Carleton Rd., Gorman and Sharp Rd.

Route FP: Central Adrian
Includes Friendship Place; Hidden River North; Michigan Ave.; Bradish and Beecher Streets

Route G: Central & South Adrian
Includes Division Street, Sterling Estates, Winter St., Woodbury Estates; and Four Seasons Apts.

Route H: Central & East Adrian
Includes Division St.; Beecher St; Frank St; French St; Tabor St; Treat St, and Drexel Park

Route J: East Adrian
Includes Church St; Maple Ave; Broad St; Hunt St; Chestnut St; and Comstock St

Route MV: Maple Village
Includes delivering room to room at Hi-Rise; includes seven floors with elevator

Route N: North Adrian
Includes N. Adrian Hwy.; Gady Rd.; Wait-Hyde Subdivision; Occidental, and Black Hwy.

Route R: Riverview Terrace
Goes with the FP Route; all of Route R gets dropped off and helpers deliver.

Route SP/FV: Stratford Place & Friendly Village
Includes only two locations, 7-10 stops each