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A Next Possible Step

What would motivate you to actively take the next in your walk of faith? What would it take for you to choose to go one step further along your own ‘path of discipleship’? Except for those who feel they have, as the song in Oklahoma puts it, “gone about as fur as they c’n go,” most of us are on a life-long spiritual journey. I’m simply asking the question, what’s the next step of your own journey, and what would…
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My Thoughts On *A Way Forward* (Part 3 of 3)

If you have not already read my brief Tiding’s article, “The United Methodist Church: A Way Forward,” please do so before continuing. In February, our denomination will hold a special-called general conference to decide how to move forward in regard to the ordination and marriage of self-avowed practicing homosexuals within The United Methodist Church. As a denomination, we are guided by our constitution as well as our doctrinal statements, general rules, and social principles. But even though our denomination has…