Worship & Activities Cancelled

Worship & Activities Cancelled

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Worship & Church Activities Cancelled

Updated: June 4, 11:25 a.m.

Please see the Church Reopening Info page for information concerning the process of our church reopening.


Updated: March 12

Effective March 12, 2020, all worship services and church activities have been suspended through March 31, at which point we will evaluate how to best move forward. Here is Pastor Drew’s original communication about this decision.

Cancelled Activities include:

  • Sunday worship services & Sunday school
  • Youth group meetings
  • Wesley Chorale practice & SoulStation rehearsals
  • On-site committee meetings
  • On-site Bible studies and classes
  • On-site affinity groups (eg., Little Dresses, Quilters, etc.)
  • Outside groups which meet in our facilities (with the exceptions of Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon)

In the absence of a worship service, each week Pastor Drew will upload to the website a video of him delivering his message as well as a printable copy of the sermon. The video will also be upload to our church Facebook page. On the website, the weekly sermon be found under the Worship –> Sermons tab.

Please check the special Office Hours page regarding any changes to our office hours and safety practices.

If you need pastoral care, please contact Pastor Drew. (church: 517-265-5689; email: revdrewhart@gmail.com)